Roller Hire Kent

Creating a stable and long-lasting foundation is necessary in every construction project. Whether you’re working on roadways, pavements, or building sites, you must ensure proper structural integrity. In irder to get the job done smoothly and efficiently you should hire state of the art rollers in Kent.

Wickham Diggers offers roller hire in Kent to assist in your construction project We provide a range of quality rollers which achieve a smooth and compact surface. Whether you need a drum roller for finishing asphalt or a padfoot roller for compacting cohesive soils, we have the machinery for you.

RAMMAX BMP8500 Roller

Roller Hire Kent


Weight: 1595kg
Height: 1275mm
Width: 850mm
Length: 1897mm

Terex MBR71 - Single Drum Roller

Roller Hire In Kent

The Terex MBR-71 single-drum pedestrian roller is fitted with a “hold to run” handle so that the hydraulic drive cuts off if the lever is released. A transmission parking brake is also fitted for additional safety and security when the roller is not in use.


Operating Weight: 512kg
Drum Width: 710mm
Static Linear Load: 7.21kg

Bomag – 80 Roller

Bomag BW80 Roller


Weight: 1550kg
Height: 2304mm
Width: 800mm
Machine Width: 856mm
Length: 2194mm

Bomag - BW1000 Roller

Rollers Hire Kent


Weight: 2.350 kg
Working width: 1.000 mm

Bomag – BW1200 Roller

Rollers Hire In Kent


Weight: 2600kg
Height: 1808mm
Width: 1200mm
Machine Width: 1272mm
Length: 2529mm

Bomag – BW135-AD Roller

Rollers For Hire Kent


Weight: 4000kg
Height: 2703mm
Width: 2840mm

Cutting tool attachment available.

Our Rollers

We host a range of the latest tollers in the industry so you can enjoy optimal efficiency in your construction project. Here are some of our popular choices:

Rammax – Experience the power and efficiency of the RAMMAX BMP8500 Roller. With its 1595kg weight and compact dimensions (1275mm height, 850mm width, and 1897mm length), this roller navigates through tight spaces effortlessly. Delivering precise and uniform compaction results, it ensures stable and long-lasting foundations for various construction projects.

Bomag BW1200 – Save time and reduce labour costs with BW1200 roller. It’s a powerful performance in a single pass. Safety is prioritised with user-friendly controls and ergonomic design. Elevate your projects to new heights of success – contact us now for the BOMAG B1200 Roller!

Wickham Diggers - Your Premier Choice for Roller Hire in Kent

At Wickham Diggers, we take pride in being the leading roller hire company in Kent. With cutting-edge technology and equipment, we enable our clients to harness the latest industry breakthroughs.

We understand that each project is unique, and that’s why we offer flexible plant hire options that work around you. Whether you need equipment for a short-term task or an extended period, we have you covered with our long-term and short-term plant hire solutions. Our commitment to safety and flexibility ensures that your plant hire experience with us is seamless, convenient, and tailored to your specific needs.

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